Cleaford's Bible Colouring Books

We have now produced three versions of a new Bible Colouring Book, suitable for Sunday School, Holiday Club, Bible Club, Beach Mission, Home School, RE, or use at home.

The three levels are  -

  • Very simple drawings for beginners
  • Intermediate
  • More detailed drawings for children who like to spend longer working on greater detail

We have chosen 10 popular Bible stories, with scope for a parent. teacher or Sunday School leader to tell the story first.  After being told a Bible story children remember much more if they then colour in a picture to reinforce the story. Click here if you need a different set of subjects to fit with your programme.

The three levels have the same stories, so can be used with mixed age groups.

The ten pictures are -

  1. God asks Noah to look after the animals
  2. Joseph’s special coat
  3. God makes a dry way through the sea
  4. God helps David fight the giant
  5. Daniel with the lions
  6. Shepherds are told that Jesus has been born
  7. Jesus is born in a stable
  8. Jesus is the good shepherd
  9. Jesus helps Peter walk on water
  10. Jesus helps a blind man to see.

Samples of the different levels -

Cleaford Bible Colouring Noah-01

Book One

Cleaford Bible Colouring Noah-02

Book Two

Cleaford Bible Colouring Noah-03

Book Three

Each page has the caption, plus the Bible reference. We have bound the pictures into books, so that each child can have their own book, rather than having loose sheets that get lost!

The books are all the same price, so you can order any combination you wish.

Bible Colouring Book 2.cover
Bible Colouring Book 1 cover
Bible Colouring Book 3 cover

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